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About Us

Since 1995, the year after I met my wife, she and I have been sharing our love of cooking & sharing good food with our family and friends. As college students, we didn’t have a lot but whatever we did have we prepared it and shared it. Hailing from parents that love to cook and entertain and feed people the best food possible, we found that cooking was truly in our DNA. As a son of a Panamanian father and an American mother from the great state of Texas, big food and big flavors are all I was accustomed to. My mom would cook very delicious all American food, while also mastering the complex and flavorful dishes from my father’s native Panama. She and my dad would cook together and entertain hundreds of guests at any given family party and everyone would always leave happy and very full.


My wife, who hails from West African, Liberian parents, she brought an additional level of authenticity and passion for delicious food with very original flavors as well. When we met not only did our hearts mesh well, so did our food!


During the course of our over 20 years of marriage, we found ourselves continuing those same family traditions that our parents would share with us.  We would then be labeled as the home that never runs out of food. Lots of our family and friends would come from miles & miles around to many of our milestone celebrations. We used to think it was because we were such fun people, but we quickly learned it was mainly because of the food. Many would say, “You guys should go into business and sell this food, because it is great”! Clearly after much convincing we relented and this is how Elcha’s Eats was born.


Those that are not yet familiar with our type of cuisine, when asked about it, we’d just say “it’s just good food”. We have our own style of making very common food taste extraordinary! We basically took many of the foods that we grew up eating and have taken them to the next level!

Many of our customer favorites are “the broccoli”, “the seafood salad”, and those “ribs”… Just to name a few!

In 2018, we decided to take our passion of cooking and sharing food to another level by launching our first Elcha’s Eats Catering Service and Food Truck. This would fulfill our desire to share our recipes and food with a much broader audience. We feel that everyone should have a chance to enjoy a really good plate of food just as we did and that’s what Elcha’s Eats does, it provides what we call “Just Good Food”!

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Metuchen, NJ 08840 |  Tel: 347-463-3180

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